Stories from the Lighthouse Family

We want to hear from you! We have a diverse community at Lighthouse and we know the Holy Spirit is working amongst us. We believe a healthy faith community regularly shares stories to remember God's faithfulness.

So, in an effort to document more stories on the SFL blog, we're looking for Lighthouse family members to share what their learning. It can be a paragraph or several paragraphs, depending on your style. Once you submit your story, we'll be in touch!

-The Blog Team

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Stuck? Here are some questions to consider if you have writer's block: What new thing is God doing in your life? What curse were you living under that you've been freed from? What have you been learning from a sermon, a book, time in prayer, community, reading scripture?
1-2 sentences about you. Some questions to consider - Where are you from? How'd you find Lighthouse? What are your hobbies/passions? What do you like about San Francisco? Or tell us anything else about yourself!
Would you let us share your story?
Stories are meant to be told. Would you let us share your story as an encouragement to others?