Jail Outreach 

Women's Celebrate Recovery  
(San Francisco Women's County Jail)

We bring Celebrate Recovery (CR) groups into the San Francisco Women's County Jail on Friday Evenings. We currently hold two different CR meetings and sometimes minister God's love to up to 25 women at a time. It means a lot that these women inmates come to this group during their only daily free time. This is our fifth year in the women's jail and we thank the Lord for helping many women inmates find God and spiritual breakthroughs through this program.

Men's Discipleship
(San Francisco Men's County Jail)

The purpose of the Men's discipleship jail ministry is to share God’s love with inmates through Bible study. We don’t just want to talk about the God in the Bible, but we want them to know the God who exists and loves each and every one of them. We want to see every inmate in county jail experience God’s love and share it with one another.  We want to see every inmate become a disciple of Jesus Christ, talk about God within the cell-blocks, and start living as He did. We need fellow Christians willing to visit the jails and share God’s love. We need disciples who are willing to serve once a month, or as often as God calls them to.  We gather the men for bible study on Friday evenings. 

Volunteer Opportunities: 

There are opportunities for you to bring your spiritual gifts to the Men and Women's Jail -even if you cannot join us on Friday evenings. There is a great need for 1:1 spiritual mentors as well as literacy coaches.  

Practical Needs:

We always have a need for Life Recovery Bibles (NLT) and Composition Books. If you would like to donate these, please bring these items to the Celebrate Recovery Meeting on Tuesdays at SF Lighthouse at 7:00 PM.  


Weekly on Friday Evenings at the San Francisco County Jail

For more information about the Women's Celebrate Recovery Ministry and the Men's Discipleship program, please contact us HERE!


I was in prison and you visited me.
— Matthew 25:36