Prayer & Fasting Devotion

(10 days of Lent begin tomorrow)

Lent is the practice of preparation.

Wednesday, April 9 the Beloved Followers of Jesus will embark on 10 days of prayer, fasting, and reflection as we pilgrimage together toward Good Friday.   

Here's how you can join in:

  1. PRAY.   6AM join us as we reflect on the Lighthouse Blog Devotional and pray.   1337 Sutter Campus will be open for prayer from 6am-7am.   If you cannot make it, pray from wherever you are.

  2. FAST.   Take the next 10 days to practice surrender, just as Jesus surrendered his life to the Father, so you can practice surrender through giving up favorite foods and stepping away from various forms of escapism (social media, media, entertainment, etc.).   Perhaps a juice fast would be something that could challenge you.  
  3. GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE.   On Friday, April 18 @7:30PM we will have a Lighthouse Good Friday Gathering and Fellowship.