Glory to Glory

Personally, my own faith is bolstered by the words—far from being dried—of the ladies of Easter baptism, as they are baptized into the body and as they drink into the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:13). In fact, it might be better to just hear the gulps for yourself.

Grappling With God, pt. 2

Grappling With God, pt. 2

A case study in the bitter struggle for change, blessing…

Not all prayers are meant to be wrestling matches, but for those times in our life when prayer slams us on the floor God has included this scene in His story just to let us know that there are times when prayer is a struggle, and that is ok too.

“I will not let you go unless you bless me.”—Jacob.  

Prayer is the personal assertion of man’s will on God’s character; the refusal to let go of the moment of the I Am.   Prayers that change us and bless us are prayers that land their punches with the force of those who know what they want.   Jacob knows what he wants—God’s blessing—and has the tenacious grip to match it. 

Should God strip down to our weight class, enter the ring of our life, and external to all our internal forces, floor us and find us, then let us face God in the bare grip of our existence.   God’s blessing and character transformation is not something that we arrive at through a Zen-like inner peace.   God’s blessing comes with a fight.   The only rationale for the tenacity of this prayer is Jacob believes he can win this fight with God.  

Have you fought with God?  Have you entered into the fight of your life thinking you can win?  Have you reached the place where all you want is God’s blessing on your life?