Centering Prayer

Or what I have adapted into Phileo Prayer involves centering and disciplining my whole being on a God-Truth.

Here's a quick guide

MOVEMENT ONE:   take a minute or two to still myself, quiet my heart.  (breath slow).  Slowly focusing all my attention and desire on the Holy Spirit inside of me.  

PRAY: Lord Jesus Christ, you are present in me.  I want to be completely available to you.  I trust you.  I give my thoughts, my feelings, my will in allegiance to you. (I sometimes touch my head, heart, and hands as I say this).

MOVEMENT TWO:  rest in faith and love toward Jesus.  

SACRED NAME:   take up a single, simple name of God that expresses the center of your heart and let it repeat itself within.  (Abba, Father.   Jesus.   Holy Spirit.  Father, King).  

MOVEMENT THREE: in the course of the prayer as I become aware of thoughts, distractions, or pictures I simply and gently return to the Jesus-at-my-Center by the use of the sacred name.

When I first started I set my timer to 5min.  Then worked my way up to 20min.  Now I usually do this for 30min-60min each morning.