Spoken Word: Isn't this Joseph's son?

a spoke word reflecting on the nature of identity in Jesus' life

“Isn’t this Joseph’s Son?”
Furrowed brows.  Mocking gestures. 
Arrows aimed to belittle my Nazareth debut.
A question meant to expose the legitimacy of my oracle. 

Your hushed whispers, awkward giggles, 
A synagogues jealous contempt
Undermine the message,
discredit the messenger, 
bring the Kingdom to a screeching halt.

“Isn’t this Joseph’s son?”
I mean no disrespect to the dad
                   cradled me and fled
                  the tyranny of Herod
A refugee on the lam,
hidden in the shadow of the Pyramid
To fulfill the Father who said
Out of Egypt have I called my son.

"Isn't this Joseph’s son!"
This dad’s integrity I would never twist
A shield to my mother from gossips ugly hiss
Dreaming of angels.   Courage to risk. 
I cannot disrespect this. 
The dad who understood what I meant when I said
“Didn't you know I had to be about my Father’s business?”

But when you chide, “Isn’t this Joseph’s son?”  
I sense the tone of shame, dishonoring.  
Gawking.  Mocking. Defrocking my homily.  
Discrediting.  The legitimacy of the Message
I am.  
Mitigating your responsibility. 
A feckless, reckless, senseless, denseless, pretentious
pack of jackals nipping at my heals

"Isn't this Joseph’s son?"
Yes, indeed, as you well know
But I am so much more than the designation
with which you seek to pigeon-hole

The Jordan washed off my youth
And embraced me as a man
The river of yesterday, today and tomorrow
Revealed Son of God.  Son of Man.

A Phophet-Baptizer
Voice glowing with coals of fire
Announcing to a wilderness nation
God’s lamb.  Winnowing fork in hand
Emmanuel.  Prince of Peace.  The Great I Am.
Jordan’s shores burned in waves of revelation
God’s society arrived .
Fire from Heaven anticipation.   
I came to give men life.

"Isn't this Joseph’s son?"
Nazareth’s small town cacophony
dared and scrutinized
by the sky’s gash and laceration,
hushed into whimpering humiliation
clouds clapping in thunderous ovation

The sound of the Blue Sky Voice
Eternally ringing in my head
Heaven’s Son
In Earthy waters.
Beloved Heir.  
Dotted upon by a proud heavenly father.

“No, this is my Son!”
Announced in wild eternal epiphany
Brooding over the moment the Spirit’s feathery reverie
While sons of Adam and daughters of Eve
Stunned into silence by this holy ancestry

But you weren’t there
And you would never go.
You prefer labeling from a comfy village
Chattering in smutty prejudice

"Isn't this Joseph’s son?"
"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree"
Pegged, boxed in my future
The definer greater than the defined
You meant to label me by another man’s name
and limit me to another man’s life

My dad was a carpenter and his dad was one too
A genealogy of hammers and stone masonry tools
Society says, “Be content with the builder’s guild.”

But clouds brooding over the Negev are witness
As a thousand doves flying in formation testified
The thunder pointed a boney finger and the cosmos prophesied
And this little Jesus boy experienced inside
what only
only begotten son understands
when the Father boasts,  “You’re mine!”

I'm still Drenched in that moment
Sopping wet in royal dignity
Draped in heaven’s Seraphim enthronement
The son of God’s identity
Frees me
to really be
the only possible me.   
My own recapitulation of humanity

With scepter in hand I turn and face your rejection
Satan’s new twist and trap at defining me
A codependency on the world feeling pity for me
Not even a Nazarene stampede, a public shaming can eclipse my real identity

Who I am is bigger than what you do
Who I am is more defining than what you say
Who I am is more eternal than this momentary blip
I know who I am and I am the way...

To the year of the Lord’s Favor
to your freedom from being defined
by your family generational superstitions
I am the Christ hacking the hexes and curses
Release from Debt!
Return from lonely exile!

There’s another family out there
Capernaum, Samaria,
the Decapolis and Bethany
Of Syrian Lepers, Sidonian widows, Zacheus Tax-Collectors
Prodigal orphans, whores and harlots, demon-crazed fugitives, 
The misfits of our illustrious society, thieves on crosses
blindman beggars, untouchable lepers,  the mary magdalene’s,
blue –collar fishermen, Samaritan businessmen,
the diaspora on pilgrimage return

There's a whole family of others about to discover
they too are God’s beloved sons and daughters,