Bike to Worship 2016

Lighthouse will observe the Bike-to-Worship event on May 22, 2016

Lighthouse will observe the Bike-to-Worship event on May 22, 2016

There is nothing like the camaraderie of a group bike ride. You take the road en mass and suddenly you are flying along on the city streets but not with the cars because they make room for more than one cyclist. 

Sunday, May 22nd is your chance to join the "2016 Walk & Bike to Worship” on two levels:
Bike or walk or “roll” to worship on that Sunday. Like in years past, San Francisco Lighthouse will make special provision to safely park the bikes. If you do, look for me or Steve and we’ll give you some free goodies (bike map, etc) and enter you into a free drawing to win bike accessories.
At 1pm right after worship, join us for the 2nd Annual Interfaith Bike Ride, an event sponsored by the San Francisco Bike Coalition and the Interfaith Council. All levels of bikers are encouraged to ride! See here: 

The Interfaith Bike Ride will be a short, flat circuit starting from Duboce Park near Steiner Street at 1pm, then all the different bikers will ride over to the different churches in the Mission Dolores neighborhood. It’ll be a tour that includes stops in different churches, with different faith leaders giving the history and vision of each stop.  Steve led that ride last year and will be leading it again this year. Pray for him as he preps each stop and coordinates with other leaders. 

We want to make the Interfaith Bike Ride an SF Lighthouse family event. This is a major opportunity to apply the sermons and the blessing we hear every week “to be courageous ones, building His Kingdom." This is a chance to show up and live out our “OUT" relationships to people of other faith communities, to reach those who don’t know the Good News yet, and to have our hearts burn for them!. You might remember last year when dozens of Unitarians, Buddhists, Jewish Rabbis showed up at San Francisco Lighthouse’s doorstep to begin the bike ride. Here’s what happened a year ago

If you live across town and you've had enough after that, take your bike home on a Muni rack! 

Get your bike ready or rent one from San Francisco Bike share!  Or borrow one from a friend (like me 😊). Any way you can think of . . . Join us! 

And don't forget to put on your helmet of Salvation! 

See you there SF Lighthouse!