If God is Real...

IF God is real, we want more than anything to live like it. 

This is the heart of the IF:Gathering coming up February 5 & 6, where women around the globe will gather in churches and living rooms.  The weekend will be about equipping and unleashing women to live out God's calling on their lives.  

I first heard about IF sitting on the floor, surrounded by blocks and toddlers at a birthday party for my dear friend's son. This was life. It was messy. Literally.  I was in my second year of teaching, exhausted and barely hanging on.  I wasn't quite secure in my single status as I watched moms and dads come in and out of the room with their children.  

A friend with a toddler the same age told me me about this thing that her mom was doing in Alabama and said the speakers were amazing. The whole thing was online, for free.  We talked about watching together, but the afternoon wound on and we each needed to be home. In our own homes, we tuned in and watched the saved episodes by ourselves.  The next day we found out we were both in tears as the words from the speakers pierced our worn out hearts.  

One speaker preached out of Joshua and Deuteronomy, and the transition from the Red Sea to the Promised Land.  In essence she said, the journey that physically takes less than 11 days took 40 years.  The Israelites were delivered from Egypt, but were wandering in the wilderness.  "What should have taken 11 days, ended up taking 40 years because of fear, doubt, unbelief murmuring, complaining, unbelief.  The children of Israel came out of a physical slavery...but they were not yet free...many of us settle for deliverance, instead of freedom."  

I listened to those words several times over the next few weeks. "Why live in deliverance when you can live free?"  I was stuck. I was bound by doubt and insecurity about my gifts, about my place in the world, about my relational status, about just about everything.  So I started on a journey of unpacking what was holding be back from living in the freedom that comes from believing in the cross and resurrection power that is available to all who believe in God. 

Our hope in gathering women in the sanctuary on February 5 & 6 is that we would be able to wrestle with the hard questions of faith-IF God is real, then what does that mean for our lives?  God wants us to live in freedom.  We would love for you to join us. You can learn more and register at https://ifgathering.com/localgatherings/ifsf-lighthouse/ .