Kingdom City - Spoken Word by Rob Walker

Fortunate fall

Would if I told you were always in a state of falling
You know one step a time
Now If I’m wrong
Correct me
But as child we were condition know the fall couldn’t be prevented
So indirectly
We Trained our self how to fall correctly
You know one step at a time

Like Explanations of
evolutionary theories with scientific proof 
photosynthesis spawning from roots  
quantum physics  matter and its mass connectivity
creates chaos
Big bang

That’s nice but 
I just like to fall with
Let there be light
Being Honest
I don’t need to know to much 
of photosynthesis
To know there is God in it 
Nor need to be an astrologist
To see the stars and know there is a source beyond it

Ya I once knew that village of bondage 
In Doubt fear 
Where it did take a village to raise a child but learned 
That one only does so on condition terms
To small to big to broke no good not good enough
Fall as many times as you need as long you train your self to believe your own lies 

Then fall in line
But Id rather fall in love 
Dive then
land in a divine city polinated with infinite possibilities
Down roads where we once fell in those pot holes of oppression
To find Gods fortune at the bottom
Pulled up by grace
place on gold pavements of blessings  
See this city sings

I hear a street symphony string freedom mastered
With a sound Orchestrated sweeter than a newborn first taste of laughter
Where your eye shade or color of skin
Are only minor details that blend out to the fact that 
You are
A child of God
That stain can never wear off 

A city where the wind whispers purpose 
And the billboards scream your worth it 
Not to small  not big 
Not only are you not to broke your rich
Yes rich in an everlasting love
No You are not good
Instead your great and that will always be good enough
Where an embrace stretches around a city borders
Of protection
No weapon formed against shall prosper
We have a Spiritual armor
Where the grass is always greener yes cliché

But Wait
remember those trees
I don’t need to understand. No I just inhale
Try be like them
Sounds funny but
If you can only know one
Thing about a plant
Know It grows
When it postures
It does so
Towards the Sun
Its natural for us to collide with pain
But In this City We no longer sing we shall over come
Instead we praise in present tense

We Overcame 

A city where gods grace upon grace upon grace stack so high 
It makes skyscrapers stretching across a skyline 

This day
Represents a sacrifice divine
Kingdom where God cracked his own crown 
So we can pick the diamonds off of the ground 
And shine

With all this its important for me to say
This Kingdom city is not an imagination of mine 
Nor how I invision heaven amongst stars

No See 
It is who we are
It is our day to day 
It is in our diverse community
In our willingness to embrace our differences
To love
To forgive
To care enough 
To lend a hand to a neighbor in need
And if there is a time my hands are empty
and I have nothing to give
I will give my time
fall to my knees and pray with you with every inch of my being

In our state of falling
One step at time we walk in strength
Because where Today ends 
Tomorrows journey begins
Releasing all fear all doubt all shame
That hopeless village is behind us
The most high beside us
And if we can carry just a piece of his  peace 
And Undying unconditional everlasting Compassion
In his promise
I believe

We can change a City we live in
To resemble the city the inside us