What is Disciple! about anyway?

Discipleship. Outside of religion and spirituality, the word is used infrequently in our culture.  Is it apprenticeship? Is it being a learner, a student? Is it studying under a master in my field?  As a math teacher, I don’t consider myself a disciple of math or my favorite math education professors.  As a amateur writer, I don’t consider myself a disciple of my favorite authors.  Do I study these people? Yes. Do I try to incorporate their teachings and styles into my practice? Yes.  So what is discipleship and why is it critical to following Jesus?  I love what Jo Saxton said about discipleship in a recent talk I heard:

“When Jesus made disciples, it wasn’t just people who believed what he said, they lived how he lived…When Jesus did discipleship, it was revolutionary.”  

I pick and choose how I incorporate the wisdom from other math teachers into my classroom.  But as a disciple of Jesus, I don’t pick and choose what I want to incorporate into my life. I surrender my life to the cross and the kingdom of God.  Discipleship is being all in.  Everyday. Every part of my life.  The revolutionary discipleship that Jo Saxton references doesn’t come from just belief. It comes from learning from observation of Jesus’ life, learning from interaction with other disciples of Jesus and learning from walking alongside disciples living out their faith.  

Our hope in continuing to provide our Disciple! seminar, is that people would encounter the words of Jesus, the works of Jesus and the ways of Jesus.  Part one is about the words—hearing the story of God and listening, really listening to the big picture of the Gospel.  Part two is learning to incorporate the Gospel—the works of Jesus—into our lives.  When the story of God and the Gospel sink into our souls, we are freed from the lies that trick us into thinking we are not good enough, smart enough, rich enough, athletic enough, etc to live into all that God has for us.  We’re working on Part 3 and will hopefully launch after Easter.   Discipleship takes on all different forms and we want to connect you to people who are disciples on mission right in their own neighborhoods, businesses, schools and cities. 

Disciple! is for anyone—whether you are new to the church, been around for years, love Jesus, are skeptical of Jesus, curious about Jesus.  We would love to have you join us this winter on Wednesday evenings.  Discipleship is centered on community, eating together, laughing together, wrestling with doubt together.  Come journey with us.  To register or learn more, go to http://www.sflighthouse.org/disciple/