Citizen (Prophetic Word)

We are called to be the optimists
of our metropolis,

To be the eyes for what others cannot see.
The eyes for a generation blinded by greed
and from political favoritism freed

We are called to be the possessors of hope,
the citizens who can cope,
slippery slope
of the naysayers and nope

We are called to be the spine in a city who can deal with any kind of
setback, pushback, soul-attack, give-me-a-crack-at-that
icky, sticky, nit-picky nickel and dime-me

We are called to be the questers for God’s city

The imitators of the greater
Curators of the Kingdom’s sooner-or-later
Infiltrators-of love for the haters, traitors and
cultural dictators

We are called to be the real optimists, not merely happy when our political party is happening.

Not merely cheery when our business is clearly premiering,

not merely walking with swag when we are in the voguish clan, not merely confident and bold because our skin hasn't wrinkled and our bodies fit an hour-glass mold.

WE are called to be faith-filled, faithful, believing, believers, voices of optimistic dissention that can smile all-the while even though were not in the drivers seat,
or center stage of the worlds parade,

We can celebrate and cheer louder than any other here.

We see what others don't, We feel deeper that the superficial, we sense the otherworldy, the Holy, the Voice, We are the real people free to choose the noise and poise and not just a crony of the boys

We are gift with a deeper realization that we are meant for more than this, we are called to more than this,

we are sealed with blood
ambassadors of a different kind of hood,
a city in the heart, a city of the soul,
a city with no shadows and no manipulative control,


We see things from a distance. In our persistence and existence. We see the abundance of God and are free from the stingy façade.

We are the people of God.
Called to the Kingdom. Singers of the exile, all- the-while we tune our harps to heaven waves, fill our lungs with halleluiahs and praise.

We raise a toast and boast of Holy Ghost, power to overcome and seize this God called identity.

Our Good News isn’t tied to the bad news for our enemies, or we don’t live in the win at the expense of someone living in the lose.

Our Good News is this: God sent his son as a delegate from the City of Heaven

He has come to us in Jesus Christ—as a human, a brother. He is not mad at us. He is not angry with us. He is not here to scold us and reprimand us. He calls us to repent, but the kind of repentance he is calling us to is not shaming, eating-humble-pie and dragging out all our dirty laundry so he can say, "I told you so." No!

The kind of repentance he calls us to is the kind to change the mind about all the negative, pessimistic, raging lies and deceptive cries that dupe us into believing God isn’t Good.

He calls us to repent of our malicious view of God. And to come and see him as good and gracious.

Our hope and our faith is tied to the Word God has sent to us through Jesus. God is saving, resurrecting, renewing. We can live in full color. We can live in honor. Stronger. More than Conqueror. God’s sons and daughters.

So step into the call. Step into the vision. Step into what others cannot see, reinvent yourself into his citizen adoptee.