God-Lover-the Paragon

No one has seen God at any time; the only begotten God who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him.
— Beloved Disciple (1:18)

The more we talk about what a healthy and intimate relationship with God looks like we are coming to realize, historically speaking, we were at a gross disadvantage.  And why should we be surprised?  How could we intimately relate with the Unseen One?  We blindly scrounged around our religions (John 8) looking for God, but that mostly led to wars and oppression and murder.   We futilely groped after God through philosophy (Acts 17:27) but that led to empty speculation and existential angst.   We are told the Unseen One "overlooked these times of ignorance" (Acts 17:30).  

The Beloved Disciple shed some hopeful light on the subject when he said that Jesus was God's son, coming from the bosom of the God, on a mission of demonstrating and revealing the Unseen One and his relational capacity toward us (John 1:14-18).

Jesus's life demonstrated what a healthy and functional relationship with God looks like.   Jesus revealed to us that God, relationally speaking, is like a dad, but the best kind of dad--one who is proud of his son (12:28), honors his son (12:26), shares secrets with his son (5:20), shares his glory and legacy with his son (17:22-24), loves his son (3:35) and has given his son freedom to choose and live (3:35).  Jesus lives in the light of this loving relationship with his Father and commits himself to loving the Father with the same love he has received from the Father.  

A significant pulse in a God-Lover's life is becoming mesmerized with Jesus's relationship with his Father.  God-Lovers live into a different reality, they live into a kingdom reality, a reality that says, "we have been gifted Jesus's life with the Father."   Our new reality is a relationship with the Father that has the same responses, pulses, actions, attitudes and behaviors as what we gaze upon in Jesus.    

How can we be certain that this same relationship is meant for us?   And how can Jesus's reality now be our reality?   One quote clues us into this new reality.  "Now there was leaning on Jesus's bosom one of his disciples who Jesus loved." (John 13:23).  What's encrypted in this?  Why is the language of this the exact same language used of Jesus and the Father?     

This Sunday join us as Dr. Jeffrey Garner unpacks more of why and how we can love God intimately.

Sunday  |    Celebration Gathering  |  9:30 and 11:00

wade into God's presence with us as we gather for worship 5minutes before our official start time.