I am loved, therefore I am
— The Beloved

Spiritual intimacy is a subject that I have researched and studied adventurously and studiously, experientially and academically.   I've yearned for an intimately fresh and vibrantly hot life in the Divine.   Some of my research was purely academic but more of it was my own existential quest as I searched prayerfully and earnestly for the kind of love that could be tattooed on my soul--unforgettably inked.   This research has spanned over 25 years.  I want to share some of the unpublished pulses I have discovered of the God-Lovers.

This Sunday we will start with the Greek word ἀνακείμενος (anakeimenos).

And if we ask how are we to know where our hearts are, the answer is just as simple - everything which hinders us from loving God above all things and acts as a barrier between ourselves and our obedience to Jesus is our treasure, and the place where our heart is.
— Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Sunday  |    Celebration Gathering  |  9:30 and 11:00
we ease into God's presence with worship 5 minutes before our official start time.