I read an article this week on the Four Horsemen of Relational Apocalypse.   The psychology experts were pointing out four movements in a relationship that indicate the relationship is about to end.   The third horseman was defensiveness.   The article pointed out that defensiveness is a sign of distrust, insecurity and the desperation to be right and in control.   These ominous clouds darken the relationship and prophesy the doom of divorce, employee termination, and breakups.   

It occurred to me that our posture of defensiveness is activated when we sense we are being judged either by ourselves or by others.   There seems to be this constant need within us to defend ourselves to the world and to our own conscience.  

As we come to the close of the book of Acts Dr Jeffrey Garner will walk us through the defenses and circumstances of Paul's arraignment and court trials and lead us in a reflection of the nature of defensiveness, self-regulation, and how to live in the defense of a higher purpose.   We will investigate what we are living our lives in defense of and how we can act this week to live into a higher justification.