Ministry Highlight: Jail Ministry

A handful of Lighthouse members visit the county jail in San Francisco weekly to share God's love and help disciple inmates.   Here is an update and prayer requests from Brother Isaac-

As disciples and biblical teachers, Brother Vahram and myself (Brother Issac) are requesting prayer for ourselves and the inmates. We pray that Jesus Christ our Lord continues to guide us in our group studies in the Holy Spirit and his revealing. Our desires is for Christ our Lord to continue to use us planting the seed, his words in the hearts of the inmates. We also pray for a speedy recovery  for the inmates who have unstable medical and mental conditions.Our previous group meetings in the past 30 days has had maximum participation each meeting. With that being said the Holy Ghost is moving. We pray without ceasing that the group meetings continue to grow and stabilizes at the maximum (people) 10 per study group. Please also pray for those in the jail who are young adults. In the name of Jesus, we ask that the church pray with us.  God Bless. 

Brother Vahram:

Brother Issac: