If Only

If Only I could have a baby

If Only I could get that job

If Only I could buy that house

If Only I could be healed

If Only I had more money

If Only my child was normal

If Only I could meet someone special

If Only my spouse was like THAT person

If Only I could retire

If Only I hadn’t lost my job

If Only – fill in the blank-

…Then I would be happy

truly happy?

and I would want nothing else in life.

We believe these lies that we tell ourselves

when we see others who seem to “have it all.”

But do they really?

Life is temporary-

all the If Only’s are temporary.

What would make my life eternally happy?

to fill the void inside-

the deep secret void that Nothing and No One else can fill-

but the Divine Maker-

who loves me not because of anything great I did…

who loves me despite all the bad choices I made…

who understands me more than I understand myself

it seems unimaginable.

He is never scared or surprised

He does not condemn

He sees you and me through His perfect Son

and only looks upon us with adoring love


This is Love Eternal

If only?

To grasp the Love Eternal

We must

let go of the If Only….