SFL Diaspora |St. Louis | Mark and Damariz

Mark and Damariz's wedding.

Mark and Damariz's wedding.

Guest Post by Damariz Morrill

It's really hard for me to put into words how much love and gratefulness we have for SFL. In many ways we feel forever indebted to this church, in the teachings and worship and love that we gained in our time there. In the early days, Mark and I made our way from a small Bible College to San Francisco and fondly remember the weekend trek from Stockton to Broad Street; sleeping on the floor of generous and warm Samoan homes and going around San Francisco State talking with often disinterested or doubtful college students about God. We have seen this church grow and transform and touch so many lives, including our own. SFL is where we grew from curious college students to disciples and it's where the light clicked on and we finally understood, deep in our souls that we are Beloved by Christ; needing no more, no less.   

Thank you for reaching out to the Lighthouse diaspora. Although many years have passed we miss you all and still feel very connected, often praying for the church and the people there.

We are currently in St. Louis. Markie (6) just finished kindergarten and is making runs with his baseball team, the Firebats and Finn is taking up swimming lessons with a 2 year old's enthusiasm. We are also expecting our third kid in December.  

We attend a 2 yr old "church plant" (U City Family Church) that reminds us of SFL with its love for people and the gospel. (Thanks for the recommendation Jeff.) We help where we can, Mark with Sunday School and me, helping with music. But San Francisco was our "training ground"; teaching Sunday School to rowdy kids in a yellow "cheese" bus, relationships cultivated in Beloved Communities and God's grace all while serving pizza at Golden Gate Park. 

We eagerly await the next newsletter, like we are getting word of the happenings at home. 

Love and prayers, Damariz & Mark