Prayer is nothing more than breathing in God and breathing out praise.
— The Beloved Disciple

If we are going to pray, in the biblical sense of prayer, we must hear the whispers of God, the gentle promises and soft tones of grace.    Whisper is a fitting metaphor for the voice of God vis-a-vis the the harshness and distracting noise of humanity's metropolis.  

Screaming billboards, neon traffic, an endless stream of push notifications,
buzzing phones, construction zones, and late night talk show laughter
all compete for our attention with who can be the loudest, shock valueless, worthless piece of interest.  

And amidst this
God whispers
to souls "who have ears to hear"
Responders to the Whisperer in the garden of prayer. 

All life, especially prayer life, is response to the whisper of God.   

God speaks, "Light."  The cosmos responds with dawn.  
God commands, "Earth."  Land responds with jutting rock formations.
God decrees, "Blue."   Oceans wave a response and skies streak into the nothing.     

The Eternal starts it all; plunging into time and stretching into space; the Creator sculpts a likeness from the clay—a clay art form.   The soul of God presses up against this artistic still and exhales (the cause) and the still inhales (the effect).  God is first, the cause, the initiator.   The soil is second, the material, the recipient of the Timeless kiss.   Humanity is what happens when the Creator kisses soil, a living imprint, an imago dei.    

 Everything in Eden's dawn is in response to God.   Everything in Eden's Woman and Man is reflective of God.

 This life-in-dirt moment is a fitting place to set a surveyor’s marker down for the holy ground of prayer.  Two words mark the holy ground of prayer— reflection and response.  

Everything that one turns in the direction of God is a prayer
— St. Ignatius Loyola

Prayer is reflection.  The first, eyes-wide-open rush, when our soul exploded with the light of God’s countenance; we realized God was staring into us.   The first long look into the face of God was prayer.   We weren't and then we were.   Prayer is in the "were," its what happens when we are aware that we are gazing into God's face.   We see us in him, and him in us.  Prayer is first a moment, a moment you finally open your eyes and see God casting his reflection upon your heart and through your smile.  This all happens before a word is uttered or a knee bent; before hands clasp or petitions are catalogued.  

The genesis of prayer happens the moment you realize that the deep emptiness in your life is an imprint of God.  Our eternal cravings and yearning for immortality are part of this imprint.   Our discontentedness with consumer goods and dissatisfaction with relationships are signs that temporal fixes cannot fit this eternity sized imprint in our soul.   Thus, prayer is the moment we realize we were made for God, made to reflect God, made to be filled with God.

Click the Box for a link to John 1:1-18


On where you have experienced emptiness, angst, dissatisfaction, un-fulfillment.


All that space and angst as space that God wants to come in and fill.   Now, imagine God doing just that. Imagine him filling your heart and soul with his presence and hope.   What does that space look like with God filling it all up?