Jazz Brunch This Sunday

We're changing things up this Sunday!  As we seek to practically live out the teachings from Acts this year, we are resting from the regular worship gathering to focus on our IN relationships with the Lighthouse community. The pastors sensed that the Holy Spirit wanted us to celebrate and practice what we are observing in the first century band of believers--eating together, breaking bread with gladness and generous hearts. 

Join us for brunch from 10am-12pm in the sanctuary for food, conversation and jazz music.  We will take time to talk with each other, hear each other's stories and enjoy a meal together.  We encourage you to invite some friends and family and come out for a relaxing morning. 

We like to do things community style, with everyone bringing a piece to contribute.  Sign up for a food or drink item by clicking here. Bring a favorite family dish or pick up an item from the store on the way!  Currently we have a variety of dishes, but need more in each category.  

We look forward to seeing you Sunday!