Signs and Wonders

Never once in my life did I ask God for success or wisdom or power or fame. I asked for wonder, and he gave it to me.
— Abraham Joshua Heschel

    Oxford mathematician and philosopher of science John Lennox in a Harvard Veritas University discussion interacts with the question of miracles, “Are there examples of God’s intervention today and in your own life?”     Lennox immediately weighs in on the resurrection as a “rational” leap of faith in God’s miraculous intervention in humanity.  God’s powerful demonstration in raising Christ from the dead offers us both historical and objective evidence.   Lennox then suggests that the little subjective miracles in our personal life, which unbelievers often rule out as coincidence (ourselves not excluded), believers often see as miracles because the improbabilities are too vast.  In this clip (beginning at 1:08:14) Lennox shares a personal story of God’s miraculous power at work in leading him to share the Gospel in Russia.

    After listening to the encouraging presentation, I was struck by the thought of how humans muzzle God.   We gaze in wonder at the vastness of our galaxy and strip that moment of all Divine love and Creator-art by reducing it to nothing more than gas and particles.    We mute the sounds of God’s human intervention in a resurrection by turning up the volume of famine, war, and tragedy.    Then there are the constant hair-raising miracles of a personal nature that each of us experience over the course of our lives—answered prayers, fiery visions and lofty dreams, radical conversions and life transformations, community agape, and celebrating the joys of God amidst a teetering-on-the-brink world.   We so easily forget.  Drowning out the melodies of grace with the clanging of insatiable lusts.   

We so easily forget.  Drowning out the melodies of grace with the clanging of insatiable lusts.   

    Perhaps that is part of the reason Jesus said his covenant with us would primarily involve remembering.

Join us this Sunday as we talk about how the early churched lived in awe and what God does in our life to prepare us for signs and wonders.   We will share some contemporary San Francisco signs and wonders as well as show the church how to live into this.

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Jeffrey C. Garner received his doctorate in Ministry from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Boston, MA).  He serves as adjunct faculty for Western Seminary (Growing Disciples Intentionally, Urban Mission and Ministry, Evangelism and Apologetics).   He has served Lighthouse church as the teaching and vision pastor for eleven years alongside his wife (Julie) and their two children Jeru and Jed.