Up, In, Out and Away We Go!

You've found our blog! As you can see, we’ve decided to organize it by Up, In, and Out— and not just because we have some strange affinity to the triangle shape.  We believe this three-pronged approach will help us grow into a healthy body of Christ, committed to loving and serving people who call San Francisco--and surrounding regions--home.

For the Up, the focus will be on our relationship with our Heavenly Father and might include posts with devotionals, scripture, and prophetic words.

The In posts will connect fellow believers through stories of God’s faithfulness, both past and present.   We'll share stories of how people are stepping out in faith right now, and how God is affecting their life and the lives of those around them.

Finally the Out will highlight our Kingdom responsibility to move into relationships with the outside world and to pre-Christians.  These posts can provide opportunities to spread the Gospel with upcoming events.

We, the editors and writers of the blog, are still getting our feet wet as we experiment with something new.  But we believe Christ is in the middle of it. As we look to the future, we hope to continue to share with you insights and inspirations from San Francisco Lighthouse as we let love rule in our homes, workplaces, and on the streets of this beautiful city.