Resurrection People: Justice

The world is not derelict, it is the Lord’s
— Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschell

The biblical model of justice is neither punitive nor vengeful. Biblical justice is inherently redemptive in nature. To redeem creation is to bring about equity and balance. To redeem humanity is to return equity and balance to the human condition. To restore wholeness and purpose, this is justice. Justice is God setting the world to right.

In the risen Christ, God’s justice enters our world in an ever-growing and ever-expanding manner, continually creating fresh possibilities and opening new horizons for shalom. As such, doing justice requires that we occasionally have to change how we live, change how we think, and yes, even change the rules by which we as a community of faith live. 

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Acts 2 describes the beginning of God’s ingathering of diverse peoples from all around the world. Together this resurrection people form God’s new temple, the place where His Spirit lives. Having crossed from death into new life, through the power of God’s Spirit, they now demonstrate God’s unconditional love across all social boundaries, announce the forgiveness of sins and actively participate in the ongoing reconciliation of God and all creation.

Join Roy Fisher (UC Berkeley) this Sunday as we explore the challenge to be spirit-filled dreamers and visionaries living out God’s justice in our city.

1337 Sutter Street (Van Ness) San Francisco

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