Here are the details of some of the visions we are seeking to fund in 2015.   

GOAL: $100,144.00
Ministries: $48,144.00
Missional Studio: $52,000


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Lighthouse Student Ministry

Our purpose is to create a space where we, Junior and Senior High School students, can learn Jesus’ ways in our language and prepare to reflect him to our generation.

Vision for 2015:

  • $1000 (food activities and supplies)
  • $1300 (Promotional Costs/Educational Supplies)

TOTAL: $2,300

Golden Gate Park Homeless Ministry

Our mission is to use food and clothing as a way of displaying God’s love to God’s lost children and inviting them back into his family.  

Vision for 2015:

  • $200/month for pizza
  • $100/month for cups and hot chocolate
  • $200/month for socks, blankets, gloves, etc.
  • $100/month for bibles

TOTAL = $7,200

Discovery Kids Children’s Ministry

Our mission with Discovery Kids is to point them in God’s direction and to teach them about His love, grace and mercy. Also, to give them a safe place both physically and mentally, for them to know and feel they are loved in this community of Christ followers.

Vision for 2015:

  • $50/month for snacks and drinks-  
  • $300/year special events & parties -   
  • $50/month New music & videos and supplies- 

TOTAL = $1,500

Celebrate Recovery

A non-judgmental, encouraging group who seeks to help others recover from habits, hang-up’s, and hurts.

Vision for 2015:

  • $170/month 10 Recovery Bibles
  • $20/month Composition Books
  • $5/month Lined Paper
  • $12/month Pens

TOTAL: $3,024

Men’s Jail Discipleship

The purpose of the jail ministry is to share God’s love with inmates.  In 2015, we want to see every inmate in county jail experience God’s love and share it with one another. We want to see every inmate become a disciple of Jesus Christ, talk about God within the cell-blocks, and start living as Jesus did.

Vision for 2015:

I am reaching out to the church for help. We need fellow Christians willing to visit the jails and share God’s love. We don’t need any money. We need disciples who are willing to serve once a month, or as often as God calls them to.

Missional Studio

This project involves converting a vacant space on the 2nd floor of 1337 Sutter into a “missional studio” that would serve as a pro bono livable space for missionaries (during summer months) and a living space for urban missionary interns (Sept-May).  In order to make this space a functioning studio/apartment, there is some construction and upgrade work that needs to be done.

Vision for project completion in 2015:

  • $13,000/plumbing (external plumbing from 2nd floor into basement)
  • $7,000/cabinets & millwork (kitchen, bathroom, closets)
  • $6,000/flooring
  • $3,500/bathroom fixture/installation
  • $7,500/appliances/electrical
  • $12,000/general contractor
  • $3,000 furnishings
  • TOTAL: $52,000.00

Playtime Nursery Ministry

Our mission with the Nursery is simple: to love on the babies (infants to age 3 still in diapers) and allow their mothers and fathers a bit of a break to relax in the Lord. We coddle, engage and entertain the babies while giving their parents a break for the second Gathering.

Vision for 2015:

Mostly, we would love volunteers!  

  • $5/month Juice boxes for toddlers
  • $5/month Snacks for toddler 

TOTAL: $120.00

Worship & Arts Ministry

Our hope is to connect others to God through Spirit-led, creatively driven worship experiences in and outside the walls of our worship gathering space.

Vision for 2015:

$23,600 - Sound Equipment Upgrades and Maintenance, Stage Lighting, Musicians, Instruments.

TOTAL: $23,600

SF Arts Collective

We work on creating new opportunities for undiscovered talent to find their voice in a noisy marketplace while sharing their craft with a welcoming supportive community & fan base at SFAC

Vision for 2015:

  • $250/event for 12 events for food and promotions
  • $200/month stipend for our featured performers... 

TOTAL: $5,400

First Impressions

Vision for 2015:

  • $5000 for gift packages for all our neighbors who move into the a 3 block radius of Lighthouse detailing restaurants, important information, coffee mugs, chocolate and an invitation to Lighthouse events.    

TOTAL: $5,000