2015 Vision Capturing

we take captive every imagination and bring it into the vision of Christ
— Paul to the Corinthians

Capturing Imaginations thru Prayer.   It's been well documented how prayer and meditation lead to extremely healthy and stress-free lives.   But did you know that many leaders claim they capture vision for their family and organizations through prayer?  Here are 5 easy prayer-movements you can engage in on New Years Day that will open your vision for 2015:

1.  Set aside a 30 minutes and reflect on Psalm 27...  when you get to the end envision what the "goodness of God in the land of the living" might look like in 2015.   
2.  Close your eyes.   And look deeply into your life with a lens of hope.  What do you hope to see?  What do you hope to feel?  
3.  Write down what you see using language that captures the emotions.   
4.  Turn all of this over in a prayer filled with faith and conviction that through God, your Light and Salvation, you have nothing to fear or worry about.  
5.  Write out a 2015 Declaration of Vision and sign it.