Automate the Important-FAQ

Can I set up recurring donations?   Yes.

Will my contributions be reflected on my annual giving statement?  Yes, your contributions
will be reflected on your annual giving statement.  You can also download or access your contribution
statement online at anytime.

What if I change banks?  You can update your info by going to the and clicking
the give link.  Once you have logged back in you can change your information.

Can I update the frequency or amount of my donation?  Yes, you can update and make changes any time you like.

Can I cancel my contributions at anytime?  Yes, you can modify or cancel your contributions at any time
prior to the date they are scheduled.

How do I get help?  or call 415.440.4464 

Can I use a credit or debit card? Yes, simply choose “Bank Card” and enter any major credit or debit card.

Can I use an electronic check? Yes, simply choose “Personal Check” option on the payment page.

When is my donation charged to my account? Donations are processed on the day you schedule them.
Please refer to your bank on how long it will take to post to your account.

Do I pay any additional fees to give online? There are no fees for donating online.

Is Online Giving secure?  We've taken steps to ensure that the giving process is safe and secure from beginning
to end. All of your giving data is secured by SSL encryption.. It is the same technology used by banks and e-commerce
companies to keep your information safe and secure during transactions.